Pre-school arranges many different events for the children and parents and details of our events can be found in our calendar. Below are some of our regular ones.

Sports day

Sports day is held during the summer term. All the pre-school children and toddlers take part. Parents and grandparents come to cheer their little ones on! Some of the events include egg-and-spoon race, bean bag throwing, animal races.

Visit the Royal Oak Farm at Cotleigh

This pick-your-own farm invites our Pre-school to visit twice a year. In the summer the children explore the fruit farm, pick a sample of each different fruit and then enjoy a tasting session.

Stockland May fair

Pre-school supports the fair by running a stand or two, sometimes painting faces.

Choose the Pre-school Christmas tree

In the winter we go for a Winter Wonderland Walk to chose a Christmas tree for the Pre-school. This, usually cold and sometimes wet, walk is followed by hot chocolate and cakes. The children then take part in a winter craft activity.

Christmas nativity

Just before the children break up for Christmas the Pre-school children present their nativity play to parents, grandparents, siblings and friends. This is followed by a party with games, party food, and a visit from Father Christmas himself!